Updates and progress Housing coin

Hello Friends,

It have been quite some amazing days. Of course the minute we launched at a big exchange like Coinexchange was a awesome experience. We’ve been working on our chat community on Discord. We received quite some new signups. But we think to matter within Coinexchange we need way more community members. This is why we made a whole range of sections, where community members can offer us a free hand in return for some Housing coins.

We added the following sections:

  • Meme contest.
  • Designer contest ( not launched )
  • Airdrop/Rain section.
  • Social media sharing section.

Also we added several native language chats within the discord. We hope we can attract none English talking people, so they can communicate with other people which either rather talk about Housing coin in their own language or which are possible not so into English.

I would say check out the following links and get yourself some nice number of  Housing coins while they are still very affordable.



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