Planning social campaign through Discord


Together with some of the investors and community members on Discord, we are planning a social campaign to generate more a lot more exposure.

Why a social campaign?

Unfortenately the price of Housing on coinexchange is quite low, although the market is not even that big just 21m coins. Though it’s lower then expected. But to be absolutely clear. The current price does not say that much, we are fresh. Once we get way more exposure it’s going to get up. That’s why we choose to reschedule the social media campaign a lot sooner then planned.

With this social media campaign we will give away very small amounts of coins. We are not creating this campaign to give out free coins so that the price will drop even lower. We are planning this because we want to attract more people to give Housing coin more exposure and growth.

Our goal with this social campaign is to grow the volume to 100.000$ daily, so that we can apply for coinmarketcap. We hope to be able to apply within 2-4 weeks.

Everyone who wants to help the project, is invited to join the discord. Let’s grow the community, and stop throwing with mud.

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