• Real-Estate in Block-chain

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  • World wide marketplace for real-estate

Payment Modules

Wordpress based

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Our projects starts by creating payment modules for online webshops. We will first make it available for a small group of webshops for testing purpose. Once the plugin works successfully we will make it available for all wordspress webshops. All kinds of wordpress based webshops can use and provide there customers this new crypto based payment option. This way we want to promote and create more awereness for our payment option Housing coin before we will start to work on our own crypto based real-estate platform.

Crypto based

Real-Estate platform

Roadmap and plans

for 2018

Windows and Linux wallet

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About Us
As of today we want to announce our new Block-chain HOUSING COIN. This will be our new and improved block-chain with a smaller initial and smaller total supply then our first project. HOUSING COIN has 113m coins so far. With this coin we want to create an awesome project. Where we will be developing a marketplace with Housing coin as one of the payment options. But first we will create payment modules for popular cms systems, so everyone can easily make use out of it.